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How can I manually setup AOL email account?

Read further to learn more on how to Set up your AOL email using IMAP server and port settings on Third Party email applications

Before you proceed to read further, here's a glance to know about AOL email.

AOL Email – A quick glance

AOL email is similar to Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. It a free service offered by Verizon, the famous internet service provider in the U.S. AOL email is easy to use, fast, reliable and it enables easy communication between your friends. With a storage space of maximum 250GB, you can store important files and photos safely.For dependable help, you can dial Aol Toll Free Number in addition to specialized help number 1-844-853-1440. Prepared administrators at this world-class helpline dependably stay anxious to clear your a wide range of questions with real answers.

Do you have an existing AOL Email account? Or trying to create one?

Visit AOL homepage and click on the top right corner login/join that redirects to the AOL email login page For creating a new account, click signup and enter basic information (first name, last name, the email address that you want to use, Password that you can remember, mobile number, date of birth and press continue to set up the email If you have an existing AOL Email account, enter the email address and password and you’ll be able to sign in to the web email on all devices. Please note: If you have any question regarding the setup, you can look for AOL Email Support Number and talk to a customer support agent who can assist you.

Manually setup AOL account on third-party applications like Outlook, ThunderBird or more

When you use IMAP server settings, you can configure the AOL email on other email applications. It’s possible because IMAP stores the user information, emails, files and folders on AOL server and it pulls the information from the server and upon sign in, the mail client connects to the server to display emails. This makes it easy for you to access emails from different locations and different devices. On the other hand, when you use POP3 Settings, the files are stored locally and the emails can be accessed only in one particular machine. The IMAP Server and port settings will be the same for all third-party application and software.

The IMAP Server and port settings will be the same for all third-party application and software.

Server Setting Port Setting
Incoming mail server (IMAP): IMAP-993-SSL
Outgoing mail server (SMTP): SMTP-465-SSL

How to manually add the AOL email account on Microsoft outlook?

    • You can connect Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, AOL and another email account to your outlook or other third-party email applications.
    • To add AOL email on the outlook, open the outlook client and choose ‘file’ on the top left and select ‘Add account’
    • Next, enter your AOL email address and click ‘connect’ to proceed further.
    • Type your password and click ‘finish’ to complete the setup.

This is the simple way to connect to the AOL server and if this doesn’t work, you need to manually setup the outlook for your AOL email. Before you start the advanced setup, you can make a note of the server settings and the port settings that are mentioned earlier in the blog.

Use Advanced setup option in Outlook when you want to type specific numbers and values for the server and port settings.

Refer the Server settings and port setting mentioned in the blog earlier and make a note of it.

    • Click ‘file’ on the top left and click ‘Add account’
    • Enter the AOL email address ( and click ‘Advanced Options’
    • Choose the checkbox that says ‘Let me set up my account manually’ and click ‘connect’
    • Choose account type as ‘IMAP’
    • Now, you can type the server settings and the port settings you have made a note. After entering the values, you can click ‘next’
    • Type your AOL email password to complete the setup and click ‘connect’

If you still have any trouble you can call AOL Desktop Gold support to verify the incoming and outgoing server settings.They always charge for the tools and services used. This policy of Aol Email Support number +1-844-853-1440 makes you a great beneficiary.